Honey House Bee Bars & Lotions are here!

Why It's So Good

The Bee Bar is solid. And yet it is a lotion. How can that be??

Part of what makes the Bee Bar so good for your skin is that it is waterless. Think about what this means. All the oils and emollients contained in the Bee Bar are not watered down, but are 100% effective. Your skin is absorbing only good natural moisturizers, and nothing else.

Because it is waterless, the Bee Bar will not evaporate or dry out.
Because it is waterless, you can fly without putting the Bee Bar in a Ziploc bag.
Because it is waterless, you won’t accidentally squirt out too much!

Just warm the Bee Bar between your hands, and rub it on your hands, cuticles, elbows and heels. This is a heavy-duty natural lotion that comes in a beautiful, gift-able tin.