Wine Grasp Set

Wine Grasp Set

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Enjoying a glass of wine is a pleasant experience that is often interrupted by having nowhere to set your glass. The wineGrasp® is that extra hand we all need to hold our wine glass while we are in motion. 

  • VERSATILE: The wineGrasp works with stemmed glassware, including wine, martini, margarita, champagne and cocktail glasses
  • USE IT ANYWHERE: Hanging out in the backyard, at the beach or camping. wineGrasp will keep your drink upright and within reach
  • QUALITY: Rubber padded grips and spring allows wineGrasp™ to firmly grip surfaces up to 1" thick from Adirondack chairs, camping chairs, to patio railings and pontoon boats. Waterproof.

wineGrasp® cradles your glass securely.


- Curved opening allows you to move your glass easily in and out of the wineGrasp

- The firm tension grasps securely on surfaces up to 1” thick

- Top and bottom rubber pads ensure its grasp.  

- Holds most stemware and 10 ounces of liquid

- Weatherproof and waterproof = won’t warp

- See it in action: Grasp What?