Teal Ivory Ella Crew Neck

Teal Ivory Ella Crew Neck

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Ivory Ella was founded in response to the alarming decline in the elephant population as a result of poaching and the illegal ivory trade. Help save elephants all over the world with "good clothes for a good cause." It's hard not to fall in love with these magnificent animals, after all. They're beautiful, intelligent, and immensely important to nature as a whole!

You can show your support for elephant conservation with this stylish, pullover sweatshirt in dark green. The back is decorated with Ivory Ella's classy logo with paisley detailing - a stylish finishing touch!

Ivory Ella donates a portion of their profits to elephant conservation and other great causes, too!

  • Ivory Ella donates 10% of profits from this piece to saving elephants and other charitable causes
  • Cotton
  • Imported
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