The Giving Scarf

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No two Giving Scarves are alike, as each is made from recycled, leftover yarn from across the country! This unique knitting process gives way to an infinite assortment of colors, patterns, and styles, so each and every one provides the wearer with a truly special look. Fringe detailing on the ends of every scarf adds the perfect finishing touch, making them the ideal layering accessory for crafting original, cool-weather looks!

  • Made from recycled, leftover yarn
  • No two Giving Scarves are alike!
  • Super-soft knit
  • Fringe details

Colors as subtle as a whisper, warm as a hug, The Giving Scarf lets you know you are someone very special!

This gift of comfort and fashion comes to you with a healing message that someone cares and wants to share with you positive thoughts of hope and harmony.

By wearing this Giving Scarf, feel the support, compassion, and the simple joy of being loved for the special person you are.

You are Beautiful - You are Brave
You are Amazing - You are Wonderful


Hand Wash when needed
Lay flat to dry